Leone Crump - ReThink Leadership 2016

Leonce Crump Jr. is an author, international speaker, and the founder and lead pastor of Renovation Church in Atlanta. 
  • Forms and functions change, but convictions never should.
In 2010 we started with three missional communities. All of sudden our front door had consumed our side door.

  • Every organization which experiences any growth has a moment when philosophy and strategy meets reality.
  • There is a point when philosophy meets reality and your strategy must change.

3 Ways to change your strategy 
without losing your soul:

1. Understand that the church moves from the center out. It is a cyntrifocal institution. Can you measure your center? Do you know who your core is? Who is your perifry? Who are your fans? If you’re still measuring your influence by Sunday morning attendance, you’re foolish. You have LOTS more people who say they're a part of your church than are attending your church.

2. Culture. Vision is taught, culture is felt. You have to create a culture around everything you do. “Culture is an environment you build around people; not information or a program you give to people” @LeonceCrump #RL16 #oc16

3. Consistency. Every person wants consistency out of their leaders more than anything. Consistency will help keep your people aligned to the ultimate goal. Do you know who you are and can you communicate it? If your strategy is what you pick up at every conference, you give your people whiplash.

Consistency will give you that ability to have your staff healthy during changes.
  • Ignore the wrong people, invite the right people (the right people help you get perspective and clarity)
  • Balance is a myth. Real life is jazz. In real life, it’s rhythm. @LeonceCrump #OC16 #RL16 Figuring out what your seasons are. Trying to be balanced is foolish- it only leads to exhaustion.
  • Fall push. Spring sprint. Winter ?? Summer infrastructure. Takes May off to develop leaders so that they can slowly implement new things during summer to get ncrete by Fall.
  • It is your job not to keep every single person, but to communicate your core convictions have not been lost through a change in strategy. Sometimes you’re going to lose people.
  • Is bigger better? No, better is better. Is bigger better? No. Better is better. Healthy is better. If you're better/healthier you'll get bigger. @LeonceCrump #RL16 #OC16

If changing strategy, remember:
1. Church is centrifugal
2. Vision is taught, culture is felt
3. Consistency = alignment

The next session was a follow-up interview with Leonce Crump Jr. and Jon Acuff. The following are 17 leadership quotes I captured from Carey Nieuwhof’s interview with these two guys:

  • The CEO’s primary job is to architect the environment for the success of the people they are serving. It’s a servant role. – LC
  • A lot of senior pastors get so bogged down in the doing, you don’t step back and evaluate. – LC
  • Because I can be funny, I can fake my way in a lot of situations. Strategy makes you do the hard work that is not fun. – JA
  • If I don’t get strategy in ever part of my life, I’m going to be a place at 60 I don’t want to be at. – JA
  • I don’t want to coast. The hardest of strategy is imposing limits. As leaders, we think we’re limitless. – JA
  • The more I’m at my limits, the more I see a limitless God. – JA
  • Balance is a myth. – LC
  • Trying to be balanced was the most foolish thing I was doing. Balance leads to exhaustion. – LC
  • I can only do certain amounts of things. I have to put the best time to writing. – JA
  • Without strategy, the best things in my life don’t the best of my time. – JA
  • Everyday I try to do three hours of writing. – JA
  • When you have to be part of a team of people who has to remove the founder of your network because his life burned out, you start to take stock in your life. – LC
  • Bigger is not better. Better is better. – LC
  • Cancer is big but it’s not healthy. It’s overgrown cells. – LC
  • I have a highly detached personality. – LC
  • Ignore the wrong people and welcome the right people. The wrong people are the ones not considering the scope of your responsibilities. – LC
  • You only have a business if it runs without you. – CN