Jon Acuff - Culture & Empathy - ReThink Leadership 2016

  • Empathy is understanding what someone needs no acting on it. Care about what the people you care about care about. If you only do the first part, people get infuriated.
  • If you want to show more empathy, read less minds. Ask more questions. If you want to know what you're people care about, then read less minds. Ask more questions. 
  • You have to have empathy to see where culture is going.
  • What people want to know with empathy is, "Do you see me? Will you listen to me?"
  • People are going to come back to your church because they’re people, not a number.
  • Some people are great at launching programs nobody is asking for.
  • Choosing empathy is cheap. Losing empathy is expensive. Choosing it is one more phone call, one more email.