Carey Nieuwhof - Strategy is Bigger than Vision - ReThink Leadership 2016

Today’s next speaker was Carey Nieuwhof, the Pastor of Connexus Community Church, a North Point Strategic Partner. I have learned so much from this guy!

Strategy is Bigger than Vision
  • Is vision everything? People will say vision is everything. I’m not sure it is.
    You probably already have enough vision.
  • Vision statements have something to do with God, loving people, changing the world. 
  • Vision isn't everything. You're problem is probably isn't a vision crisis; it will be a strategy crisis. 
  • "It's not your vision that determines your success. It's your strategy." #RL16
  • Many leaders cast a clear vision, but few have a clear strategy. Via @cnieuwhof #RL16
  • Mission and vision determine intention. Strategy determines direction. 
  • Vision is pretty unifying. But when you say our approach to worship has to change? That;s a strategy issue, and that is the guns come out. Strategy initial divides, but ultimately unites every congregation for organization.
  • The reason you can sleep at night as a leader is not because of a clear vision; it's because of a clear strategy. 
  • If you're worried about rogue people, divisiveness, or an unintentional church plant? It is because You haven't clearly defined it. The reason many leaders are afraid of a growing church is the fear people will go rogue on you.
  • Not everybody likes but they can go to another church. Not everyone has to go to Heaven Not everyone has to get to heaven on our bus, it's okay for people to go to other churches. -@cnieuwhof #RL16
  • Strategy is bigger than vision, and will ultimately determine your direction. 
  • So what is your strategy? (And what are you doing about it?)