Jon Acuff - Strategy - ReThink Leadership 2016

The opening speaker was Jon Acuff. Jon is the New York Times bestselling author, and a fellow Tennesseean!
  • “There’s no such thing as a local pastor anymore. There’s only global pastors. Because of the internet there are so many more challenges.” @JonAcuff : #RL16
  • “It’s exciting to be a senior leader because there are so many opportunities. But there are also so many challenges.” “The challenge with leadership is you’re the top gear. If you make a ½ degree turn the level below you makes a 1 degree turn.”
  • The things we say causally can be interpreted as a rule and it infiltrates your whole organization. The things you say casually are not taken casually and become rules. You lose the right to say something casually.
  • “When someone spends $45 on a pizza don’t give them a $.25 cent box…You’ve got some box counters in your organization.”
  • A shared trip and a shared conversation is so healthy for your team.
  • Strategy causes you to not fake. 
  • Strategy forces you to admit that you have limits. 
  • When you do a strategy it forces you to admit you can’t do everything and it helps you see a limitless God - @JonAcuff #RL16 
  • “One of the frustrations of these conferences is what happens on the stage does not happen in the church. I hate going to small events that denigrate the senior leader.”
  • The CEO's primary job is to create an environment of success. 
  • Senior Pastors get so bogged down in the doing that they don't step back and ask the hard questions. Working on it not in it.
  • "Part of the reason pastor's kids hate the church is that it stole their holidays as kids." @JonAcuff #RL16
  • If you don’t have strategy the things that are most important get the rest of your time, not the best of your time. @JonAcuff #RL16

The more you admit your limits, 
the more you experience a limitless God!