Jeff Henderson & Brad Lomenick - ReThink Leadership 2016

Today’s next speaker was Brad Limerick & Jeff Henderson.  Jeff is the campus pastor of Gwinnett Church, a campus of North Point Ministries.  

Jeff Henderson
  • Climate dictates the forecast.
  • If you show me a climate in a marriage that is cold and rainy? I can forecast that relationship.
  • The climate of a leader dictates the forecast of a team.
  • A leader sets the thermostat.
  • The team is the thermometer. They reflect it.
  • When a leader leaves the room, the climate stays in the room.
  • Everyone knows the climate of a leader except a leader. And that climate sets the lid for your leadership.
  • The primary leadership emotion is fear.
  • If you lead out of fear you are abusing the leadership role.
  • God has never spoken audibly to me. He speaks louder than that.
  • A leader who leads out of fear leads out of insecurity.
  • If you’re an emotionally healthy leader you create a climate of emotional health.
  • What’s it like to be on the other side of me?
  • When you ask that question you will get encouraging information.
  • The second thing is they will give you some surprising information.
  • The third thing is they will hurt your feelings.
  • If you don’t ask that question you forfeit the right to get better as a leader.
  • Ask it to a spouse or family member, staff person, and a friend. Then just listen.
  • Then at the end, you just say, “Thank you.”
  • “Heavenly Father, what’s it like to be on the other side of me?”
  • God is an emotionally healthy leader.
  • God can be tough but in the middle of that discipline God can be loving.
  • Your team will then ask the question themselves.

Brad Lomenick said that if we're not careful? On the outside, we can fake it. Many times what is seen publicly is not what is happening privately. We were a celebrating culture at Catalyst. As I was leading the movement I was not healthy.  “Brad, you might be all that. But you’re team knows what’s going on.”