Andy Stanley - Saved By The Church - Orange Conference 2016

  • I am more excited about the local church than Ive been in my life. The church really is the hope of the world! The church saved my life.
  • Treat people the way you would want to be treated and Fear not pretty much covers everything.
  • I Grew up with a fear of sin. Preventative.  The church didnt just save me from hell. The church saved me from me.
  • If you grew up in church, imagine if every single influence of the local church- the knowledge, influence, songs and people--imagine if it was all sucked out of your life--imagine how different your life would be?
  • The church and the influence of the church prevented me of having to experience pain. You are preventing more than you can ever imagine in students. 
  • The church prevented me from experiencing so much pain from me and sin.
  • The church informed my conscience in my formative years. "You dare not live with bitterness because bitterness will destroy. It was the church where I learned to forgive." "It was in the church where I learned purity paves the way to intimacy."
  • The church installed in me a sense of purpose. I was created on purpose for a purpose. Don't miss it. A sense of destiny and purpose for me.  God has a plan for your life. Do not settle for second best.  I was created on purpose for a purpose. Dont allow the mundane to pull your eyes down to your current circumstances.
  • My first journal entry in the 11th grade was “If I ever have a son Im going to tell him God has a plan for his life. This has guided me through some of my greatest temptations.”  If you know God has a purpose for your life, you will make better decisions.
  • It was in the church where I learned friendship. The church provided the context for lifelong friendships. Without the local church, I would not know my friends. Because of the local church, you will have friends that will last the rest of your life.
  • Don't attend a church that teaches your children to hate church.
  • The church served as a window for God's activity all over the world.
  • The church taught me how to be generous. Rich people aren't generous. Generous people are generous.
  • You are connecting many kids who will be friends for life.
  • Youre not just dealing in content. Youre dealing in relationship.
    When kids connect to one another, they want to go to church.
    When kids connect to a small group leader, they want to go to church.
    We are all acceptance magnets. We do not necessarily gravitate to environments of great content.
Following Jesus will make your life better, and make you better at life.

  • Invite people to follow Jesus before they believe.
  • The church provides the strongest argument for the dignity for individuals and human rights. Everyone has interim is value because they are made in the image of God. 

“Church history has seen many activists who take on causes such as slavery, racism, war, poverty, and womens rights. Gradually, like the melting of a glacier, change takes place and what first seemed subversive becomes an accepted feature of the landscape. A post-Christian society is quick to remind us of our faults, which we should humbly acknowledge. Yet wherever the gospel has taken root, it has borne fruit. Much that we value in the modern world — ​freedom, democracy, education, healthcare, human rights, social justice — ​traces back to a Christian origin. The smallest seed in the garden has become a great tree in which the birds of the air come to nest.”
Yancey, Philip. Vanishing Grace
  • Jesus brought dignity to women. Jesus brought dignity to children.
  • The church inspires us to embrace the one mandate that could change everything.
  • The government describes how low we can go before getting locked up. It is designed to protect us from the worst of the worst.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Outside of your family, the greatest investment you will ever make is in the local church.