Catalyst 2016 - Simon Sinek - Trust & Cooperation

Trust and Cooperation

I’m embarrassed that I have a career…There should be no demand for what I do.
There is a Lack of trust and cooperation in our world today. Trust and cooperation are lacking in this world. And people are demanding more of it in this world.
We have fewer good leaders today than we need for what is required.
Leadership is not about being in charge. It is about taking care of those in your charge.
When you choose to be a leader there are times when things go right you have to give away all the credit. When things go wrong you have to take all the blame.
What do leaders need to lead? Authority isnt it. Leaders don’t need authority to lead.

Anyone can be a leader. We all have the capacity to be a leader but not all of us should be leaders. Anyone can be a leader just like everyone has the capacity to be a parent.

What is Sacrifice?

Sacrifice is giving away something with no expectation of that "thing" being replaced.
One of the greatest things you can do is give your time and energy – things you will never get back. Sacrifice is giving your time and energy because you can never get it back.

What Leaders Need to Lead: Empathy & Perspective

The two things leaders need in order to lead well: Empathy and Perspective.
Empathy is considering the lives of others.
Empathy is considering the human being, not just their results.

You don’t need a job you love. You fight everyday for the job you love.
You change from being responsible for the results to being responsible for the people responsible for the results.
Take care of the people and they will take care of the customers.
How do I help my people be at their natural best? That’s what leadership is.
People should be responsible for the results. Leadership is caring about the people responsible for the results. Leaders go from being responsible for the results to being responsible for the people.
Leaders can look for employees doing something right… or for employees doing something wrong.


They say millennials are un-leadable. I say youre misunderstood and youve been dealt a bad hand.
Too many millennials were raised in a “failed parenting strategy.”
Millennials have the lowest self-confidence of any generation in history.
Almost every alcoholic discovered alcohol during adolsescence.
Too many have an actual addiction to cell phones and social media and not learning coping mechanisms for the rest of their lives.
Too many kids are getting self-worth from how many Likes they get.
There is nothing we want more than to feel more valuable to other people.
During meetings there should be zero phones on zero tables because it makes us feel valued.
This generation has grown up in a world of instant gratification.
Too many millennials have applied instant gratification to their careers and relationships.
You cannot avoid the journey in this thing called life and your career.
Our current work environment is the leftovers of theories composed in the 80s and 90s.
Mass layoffs did not happen until the 1980s.
If you destroy the human spirit you destroy your own company.
“It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.” Business is the most personal thing there is.
Millennials want everything we want. They’re just smart enough to ask for it.
We need a higher standard of leader.
Let us set the examples.
We have the politicians we have because we got the politicians we deserve.
Consider the lives of human beings on a daily basis.

Finite Games & Infinite Games: The Story of Microsoft and Apple

Finite Games is known players, fixed rules, and an agreed upon agenda.
Infinite Games is known and unknown players, rules are changeable, and keep the game playing.
There’s no winning the game of business. There’s no winning the game of faith. There’s no winning the game of church. The objective is to keep it alive.
Be obsessed with your mission and cause. Not beating your competition. Apple is obsessed with it's Mission and Cause, not beating Microsoft.

Other people will serve you the way you serve them.
The goal isn’t to always win but to outlast.
We have an entire section in the book store about Self Help.  There is no section called Help Others.
Practiced empathy results in a changed spirit.