Catalyst 2016 - Brian Houston

What is success? Building a platform for the next generation for success. If I can build a platform to set up the next generation to win I feel I would have fulfilled my calling.

“Set your mind now on sons— don’t dote on father and grandfather. You’ll set your sons up as princes all over the earth. I’ll make you famous for generations; you’ll be the talk of the town for a long, long time.”
Psalm 45:16-17 MSG
I want to build princes. I want to build people.
In Australia alone we have 29 locations and over 60 services each weekend.
If you start anything at the right time and with the right people, it’s incredible how God will bless it.
I get so inspired when I see young people start to flourish.
Keep pushing things to sons and daughters.
You take a lot of risks. Human nature wants to hold onto things.
The hope of the church is in the future.

 Live in a way that your ceiling becomes the next generation’s floor.

Honor the past. Live for today. Build for tomorrow.

You honor the past. You live for today. You build for tomorrow. We tend to hold onto the past. Past teachers. Past traditions, and past ways of doing things.
The most effective opportunities I’ve had have been in the last seven years.
Leave room for the next generation to flourish. I get so excited to have young leaders around me who are youthful and passionate for the Lord.

A lot of people like be comfortable and be in control. A lot of us don’t like surprises. A lot of people like safe. We like comfortable. We want to be in control. But the predictable isn’t where the hope is.  It should be an adventure living with Jesus. Let’s cling to spontaneity. I love being around spontaneity.

It was an adventure living with Jesus. Living today should be an adventure serving with Jesus.
Life with Jesus was not safe. It was not structured. It was a ride living with Him.

In John 4, Jesus talks to a Samaritan women which was not part of the culture. Life with Jesus wasn’t safe. It was a ride to live with Jesus.

Predictability has been the bane of the church. It has stopped from the church from being to the fullest. Human beings cling to the status quo, popular belief, conventional wisdom, established thought, majority opinion, peer pressure. Those are the things that keep us predictable.

But, of course, there are times where predictability is your friend, such as loyalty and credibility. Also, when it comes to leadership, predictability will be asset when it comes to your vision.

When it comes to influence, predictability is our enemy.

Loyalty is a great thing for predictability. Loyalty is our friend.
We need a generation who knows what and Who you believe in.
Predictability is your friend when you keep your word.
Predictability is your friend when it comes to vision.
Predictability is your enemy when it comes to spontaneity.
Spontaneity is our friend in the church.

Human nature easily moves towards status quo. Majority thinking. Peer pressure. Those are the things that keep us predictable.

Don't Be A Critic

I’d rather be an artist than an art critic.
I’d rather be a musician than a music critic.
I’d rather be a chef than a food critic.
I’d rather be a church builder than a church critic.
Creativity is all about what’s not yet done.
Predictability is an enemy to influence. You get influence by creating new ways to doing things. By taking risks. By stepping out.
I think the devil hates big churches.

Live a life where our ceiling becomes another generation’s floor.

We don’t sing Shout To The Lord It’s not 1993. We don’t sing Oceans much anymore.
The only book that should be a master is the timeless Word of God.
In leadership so many things you come up against are not in textbooks.
In building for the future books should be our servant, not our master.
Programming is important but at the end of the day, the Holy Spirit is more important.
Don’t let things that should be your servant become your master.
Experience is overrated.
Experience is something that’s already been done.
I’ve been married to the same woman for 40 years but I’ve only been married once.
I’ve only pastored one church.
The smaller the church, city, family you come from the more important you expand your worldview.
Culture can be very limiting.
Stand up. Stand out. Be part of the 1%.
In the 21st century we need people who are gutsy and will stand up.
I want to write history. I want to honor my fathers.
I want to learn from history but not be bound by it.
People defy history by doing what’s never been done.
You are the church. Thank God for you.
Worship unifies.
It’s a great day to be alive.
I believe God’s called you to make history, not serve history.

I believe you can carve out a new history rather than remembering the good ole days. The good ole days were not that good.

Let’s have a generation that is so creative and innovative. I love how God created us to be creative. Just read Genesis.

So, creativity is so powerful to the church. I love there’s new songs that infuse with creativity. So thank God for spontaneity and innovation. Thank God for creativity.
There are people in this room to be influential. Don’t live your life predictably.

In leadership, it’s not in the text. The textbook belongs to the one who already has known.

I pray there will be a generation will stand up to be who they are called to be. In the church, we don’t need same, same, same.