Catalyst 2016 - Mike Foster

The mornings second speaker was Mike Foster.  Mike has dedicated his life to helping people courageously embrace their not‐so‐perfect stories. He is the founder of People of the Second Chance ( and author of the new book People of the Second Chance: A Guide For Bringing Life‐Saving Love To The World. 

Just because people fail doesnt mean theyre a failure. Just is because they made a mistake doesnt mean they are a mistake.
Say these words – “Me too.” Thats leadership.
Every decade of my life Ive experienced a rock-bottom experience.
We are not defined by our brokenness. We are defined by Gods radical love.
I want to be a grace-filled snow cone on a hot judgmental day.
People should not be alone.
Maybe our church pews can become friendship benches.
We throw Prodigal Parties specifically for people getting out of prison.
We want to celebrate all the wrong people.

Maybe we over-complexify ministry. Sometimes we just need to throw parties for people who need parties.