Catalyst 2016 - Brandon and Jen Hatmaker

The mornings next speakers were Brandon and Jen Hatmaker.  They live in Austin, TX where they lead Austin New Church, The Legacy Collective, and raise their 5 kids. They are both authors including Brandons newly released A Mile Wide and Jens New York Times bestseller For the Love. They speak at events all around the country and co‐star in an HGTV series called “My Big Family Renovation”. I really enjoyed the Hatmakers, and their talk has spurned an idea for a new sermon series... More to Come!

Be yourself as church leaders. Being vulnerable as leaders will serve our families better. – BH
A lot of pastorskids grow up seeing two different dads and two different moms. – BH
We do have a public life but at home we just have a life. – JH
We treat our weekdays like most people treat their weekends. – JH
We were so busy on our church campus we didnt know our neighbors. – BH
100% of my relationships were with my staff because I needed them. – BH
We were so busy serving the rich in our church we didnt have time to serve those on the margins. – BH
Our approach was radical. Dont be weirdos. – JH
We did radical things like invite our neighbors to dinner. – BH
We would never, ever treat anyone we love like a project or an agenda. They are not projects. They are people. – JH

Serving the community changes you. – BH