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Geoff Surrat,
Trends & Thoughts on the Now and the Next of the Church
  • Culture is changing faster than ever. What we've been doing is less and less effective. We have to change our we die. 
  • I believe all of the stats I read? They're exciting. Because the situation is so challenging, we're looking reformation-level change soon!
  • So what's changing culture? Technology. As technology changes, culture changes. This is noting new. It happened in Jesus' day with the Romans. Aqueducts allowed people to live in big cities. Created better roads. Cities got bigger and bigger. Technology lead to the spread of Christianity. In the reformation? The reformation happened with the technological invention of the Gutenberg press. 
  • Look at the last 10 years with of technology.
  • Church used to be where you went to learn about religion. Hang out with religious people. Receive prayer. But Information is now available 24/7. The source of information has totally changed. 
  • Everything is reviewed. Reviewed in Yelp. Everyone's opinion matters. And I will decide if you're right or not. 
  • Anyone can be a star. Kinnaman did a survey. 70% of Millenials they will be famous one day. 
  • Most people have the attitude, "I don't want to wait to lead. I want to lead now." Everyone is an expert.
  • What does it mean to be connected to a church? We have to figure that out. There is no such thing as brand loyalty. Kinnaman says the regulars go to church 1.7 times a month. 
  • Who knows you well enough who can hold you accountable? Where are you investing, or where are you consuming?
  • 40% of multi-sites are church mergers. 
  • Attention Spans have plummeted. Average time spent on a website is 45 seconds. How long is the average TED talk? 18 minutes. A billion TED talks have been watched worldwide. Why 18? The longest that someone can pay attention is 18 minutes. 
  • online church
  • Is our online campus a bridge, or a destination?