Rose Day 2017 Messages and Wishes

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➦ You know what, nothing can replace you from my life. You are my reason to live. Happy rose day!

➦ I just want to ask my pretty pink rose to be mine red rose for life whom I will love ever and forever. Happy rose day my love!

➦ The one who is very precious to me more than my life now. I want to wish him a very happy rose day!

➦ My Love, my life, my friend, my best friend, my companion, my life partner, my everything. I am your pink rose, you are my red rose. Happy rose day.

➦ Since you came in my life, my life became so beautiful. And I think I achieved all in my life. Thanks to make my life filled with beautiful colors. Happy rose day!

➦ Love is life I heard, you made my life beautiful. It would be new story for everyone to tell. Happy rose day.

Rose day messages

➦ My life was very dull without you, but a rose like you who came in my life with lots of colours filled my life with true colours. Happy rose day!

➦ My first love, my partner for life. Happy rose day my pretty wife!

➦ Since you came in my life, my home become so beautiful. My life is so different with you which I enjoy every day. Yes! My wife you are my rose for life. Happy rose day!

➦ I am really lucky to have a companion and a friend like you. A rose for my love. Happy rose day!

➦ I haven't met me until I met you. My lucky charm happy rose day.

➦ My life is yours for the rest of your life. I will complete you on every step of your life. Happy rose day my love.

➦ You are my first and last love. Happy rose day my husband. :)

➦ Being with you makes me more beautiful and happy person. Happy rose day my husband.

➦ Papa, you gave me first chocolate and gave me first dress of my life. Happy rose day to my dearest papa!

➦ Dad, you are my first inspiration of my life. My first teacher. Happy rose day dad!

➦ You made me learn how to walk and see the different colours of life. Happy rose day pa!

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➦ My father, I want to have a husband who can fill my requirements like you, who can protect me and do care like you do. My first man of my life. My papa happy rose day!

➦ Papa one day I will make you proud. Happy rose day!

➦ I know papa you have lot of expectations from me. I will give all the comfort of your life. And will be your right hand forever. Happy rose day pa!

➦ My dreams start with your dreams. Pa I want to fulfill them all. Happy rose day!

➦ My papa, first inspiration of my life. I wish I could be like you a little. Happy rose day pa!

➦ I could never know what is life with fun and masti until I would not have you. My partner in crime. Happy rose day!

➦ You have stolen all the chocolates I used to hide from you. Still you are my best buddy. Happy rose day my bro!

➦ You are my reason to be in this planet cause without you I was alone. Thanks for being my friend and my family. Happy rose day!

Happy Rose Day Quotes

➦ You always protected me from Jerks, my savior my first god gifted friend. Happy rose day!

➦ My barbie doll, a friend from God as a gift. Happy rose day!

➦ My younger/elder sister, with you I am complete. Just be with me forever. Happy rose day.

➦ A pink gift from god to me. Happy rose day to my cute sister!

➦ My beautiful sister, with you my life is more beautiful. Just be with me forever. Happy rose day!

➦ Until I met you , I didn't know the definition of friendship. Thanks for being in my life. Happy rose day!

➦ You are my reason to believe that how much this life can be happening. Happy rose day!

➦ My best companion who taught me to live my life and my partner of crime. Happy rose day!

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➦ Life is set , jab we met. Happy rose day besty!

➦ I spent my whole day with you all. So wish you a very happy rose day to my second family.

➦ My life could become dull if I could not have people like you around me. Happy rose day!

➦ My people, all I m if happening because of you all. Happy rose day.

➦ My together smiling people. I love you all. Happy rose day.

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