A Christian's response to the tragedy in Orlando

A lot of people have been asking me what Christians response should be to the tragedy of the shootings in Orlando. If you are a Christ follower, I would encourage you to think twice before responding about this over social media. And here's why: that this happened in a gay bar shouldn't even come up. The fact of the matter is, everyone is made in the image of God. We all struggle with sin, but in a different ways. 

So here is what we pray for: We pray for justice for the people who have been killed and injured, and that God will somehow use this to capture everyone's hearts and bring them into a relationship with a Heavenly Father that loves them. I'm sure a lot Hateful Christians-- which should be an oxymoron -- will spew venom all over social media and continue to close doors for the church to love and influence to a group who already feel alienated by religion and the church. Hate-filled Christians will start to cry that the reason why this happened because God's judgment. Well think of it this way: if God judged all of us for our sin? None of us would be alive. In fact, that is the reason why Jesus died on the cross-- He died for our sins. Praying for those who lost their lives and that God will use this somehow to let everyone know that God longs to have a relationship with everyone.